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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Astrology and NBA Playoffs

Time for the latest in my Sports Astrology prediction series as the NBA playoffs begin after what has been a strike shortened and very bizarre NBA season. The season has been full of drama and coaching changes and injuries to major players as they crammed a 66 game schedule into a shortened time period.
I made a few errors in my predictions Last year but I think I have put a few more of the pieces together. I will be looking at the charts of some of the key individual players this year as well as the charts of the teams and a few of the coaches.
Normally there is 1 or 2 pretty clear favorites but this year there seems to be more gray area than normal. The Miami Heat have had the best record for much of the season, but they’ve been passed by the Chicago Bulls for Home court advantage in the East even with their star Derrick Rose missing many games due to injuries. Also the Boston Celtics have overcome their age and injuries to post the best record in the second half of the season.
In the West  there’s always the Lakers who have upset a lot of their players by trading off a couple key parts from their championship teams, and they don’t have Phil Jackson on the bench anymore. The Spurs led by Tim Duncan and his 3 NBA Championships have catapulted to the top of the Western Conference and hold Home court advantage at this point , but they are a little long in the tooth and injury prone at times.. And then there’s many people’s favorites Oklahoma City who had the best record in the conference for most of the season but have been surpassed by the Spurs late in the season. Not to forget the West usually has at least 1 big upset or surprise team, last year it was the Memphis Grizzlies who have improved their seeding from last year’s playoffs. Who will be the surprise team this year? Let’s see if we can sue Astrology to help us clear up this muddled picture.
Last year the Dallas Mavericks finally beat the Lakers in the playoffs and put their past playoffs collapses behind them. As a reader pointed out to me last year Dirk Nowitzki  had an eclipse directly hitting his Natal Sun during the Playoffs thus helping propel them to the championship.
This year we have two eclipse’s happening during the playoffs as well, who does that effe2 quick things to keep in mind here first, an eclipse is not always good, if a player has been playing extremely poorly the last part of the season and then the eclipse hits their Sun ….well  ..bad news. The other thing too is that IF someone has a good transit for the Finals or has the eclipse falling favorably on June 4th they must have good enough transits to still be playing on June 4th. Many times I have seen with great transits happening during the Super Bowl or during the NBA Finals but they’re watching it at home because they’re transits stunk the first 2/3rds of the season and they didn’t even make the playoffs.

Well eclipses usually push things in the direction they’re already going , Dirk was hot at the time last year and maybe the eclipse helped pushed them over the top to the title. This year the first eclipse takes place on May 20 th at 0 Gemini and the second one during the playoffs takes place June 4th at 14 Sag. After looking at the coaches charts for the playoff teams it doesn’t seem to make any direct hits at a cursory glance. Nor does the eclipse on June 4th make a direct hit on anyone’s Sun. Since we do not have access to time’s of Birth for all of the players we don’t have access to the exact degree of their Moons’, Ascendants and Mid heavens . However , what we do have is 2 players have the eclipse on May 20th hitting within one degree of their Suns , one in each conference in fact.
So who does the eclipse effect? Tony Parker of the Spurs in the West, and the Spurs have been awesome the second half of the season as their players have been getting healthy.
And in the East .. Kevin Garnett of the Celtics , who have also played great the second half of the season moving from several games back of the 76’ers to winning the Atlantic Division , but will Ray Allen come back from injury in time for the playoff run?
If you’ve read my NHL Stanley Cup Playoff predictions you’ve heard me blathering on about Uranus transiting Saturn. Now I think that Uranus is the planetary ruler of Hockey as sports wise Uranus rules defense and sudden changes, and that’s how you win in Hockey. That being said, I think that Jupiter rules Basketball but just for informational purposes let’s look and see what effect Uranus has in the Playoffs…here’s a few teams, Coaches  and players with pertinent Uranus transits right now and let’s see what they do in the first round.
 Mike Woodson- Knicks
 Larry Drew- Hawks
 Chris Bosh- Heat
Spurs [ Transiting  Uranus conjunct Saturn ]
Nuggets [Transiting  Uranus conjunct Saturn ]
Hawks [ Transiting Uranus conjunct Saturn ]
Pacers [ same ]
So in theory ..what you would expect is the team to maybe not do what you would expect and these teams mentioned will either be upset early or pull an upset or 2  and stay around much longer than expected. Obviously the real wild card here is the Hawks who have Uranus transiting the team and the coaches chart, also they are higher seeded than the their opponent the Celtics but did not win their division as the Celtics did and certainly do not have the tradition and name players the Celtics do, this series and the Lakers Nuggets will be 2 very interesting ones to watch in the first round.

So onto predictions and as always feel free to send me your hate mail if I pick your team to choke.
Warning: Lakers and Celtics fans be aware ..your teams are the most likely to be upset in first round.
Western Conference
   Good transits for Spurs they should have lots of energy throughout playoffs , if they don’t get upset in first round of course.
 This is a tough one to call..2 very young teams and the both have the eclipse in Sag hitting in both the teams charts if they stay around that long. I ‘ll go Grizzlies because of their playoff experience from last year.
 Hard one to pick , both teams have recently direct Mars in Virgo aspecting many planets in their chart. I ‘ll go with the Lakers , but it ain’t going to be easy. Lakers won 3 of 4 in regular season but all were close. I won’t be shocked if Nuggets pull the upset.
  Thunder has nice transits, bt defending champs won’t go easily
Spurs over Grizzlies
Thunder over Lakers  [ talk about a grudge match after the cheap shot at end of the regular season ]
Western Conference Championship
Thunder over Spurs , but it will be close.I like the Thunder here, Uranus [ youth ] defeats Saturn [ age ] .
Eastern Conference
1st Round
[1] CHICAGO VS [8] 76’ERS
 Too much Defense by the Bulls, but their best transits have kinda run their course though.
[4] ATLANTA  VS [5] BOSTON –Don’t like anything about predicting this series ..this looks dead even . Hawks have owned Celts in regular season last few years but Boston won 2 of 3 this year. I ‘m taking Celtics  in 7 but this will be a nail biter all the way, do not be shocked at all if Hawks win this.
[3] INDIANA VS [6] ORLANDO [ Van Gundy fights for his job , but Pacers pull this one out ]

[2] MIAMI VS [7] KNICKS  [ Heat have many good things in their chart , working towards a Jupiter return if they make it to Finals ]
Heat over Pacers
Celtics over Bulls
Eastern Conference Championship
Heat over Celtics
NBA Finals
Heat have Jupiter exactly conjunct their Natal Jupiter at time of Finals, I think they will get a few more lucky bounces. Spurs and Thunder both have good transits and it should go 6 or 7 games.

Sports Astrology: Uranus, Saturn and the NHL Playoffs

 Well here’s where Sports are such a great vehicle to study Astrology. As I mentioned in my Blog before the playoffs started there are 5 teams that have transiting Uranus conjunct Saturn in the teams charts. Now normally this will produce upsets and topsy turvey , inconsistent play. The funny thing here is that in the first round 4 of  the 5 teams with Uranus Transiting their Saturn all won their first round playoff series, 2 of them being upsets and the only one of the 5 teams that lost  [ Pittsburgh ] was playing another team that had the same transit [ Philly ] That entire series was bizarre itself with Philly shocking the Penguins by winning the first 3 games then the Penguins winning the next 2 including scoring 10 goals in a game which is the first time that had been done in the NHL playoffs in many , many decades. In several of the games in that series the team that led early ended up losing the game.
So that’s what you get with Uranus to Saturn transits, shocking reversals and changes in the status quo. The other big upset of note the L.A. Kings who were a no. 8 seed upset No. 1 seed Vancouver who accumulated the most points during the Regular Season and almost won the Stanley Cup last year taking Boston to 7 games. Also the Kings had not won a Playoff Series in over a decade, there’s Uranus for you, you just don’t know what to expect  only that it will be bizarre. I guess that’s the challenging part is that there are transits that are obviously good, transits that are obviously and then there are those that can go either way and you have to predict how it will play out in the teams and individual players charts which sometimes are contradicting to the Teams chart.
So anyway, looking forward to round 2 we have 4 of the 5 teams with the Uranus transit to Saturn left and 3 of them are in the West and 2 of them will have to play each other this round. My pick for the best, most brutal series of the 2nd round however is Phoenix vs. Nashville. These are 2 pretty evenly matched teams with very different transits.
So here are my picks and I’m going with the Uranus conjunct Saturn teams.
Philly over New Jersey [ Brodeur’s Jupiter transit to his Sun is starting to wane now , I’m guessing the Uranus transit to Saturn continues to work for the Flyers ]
Rangers over Capitals [ Both teams have good transits but I’m sticking with Rangers my original pick to win the cup ]

ST.Louis over L.A. Kings [ both have Uranus transiting Saturn but one of them has to win, Blues goalies have better transits ]
The Predators have some good transits but I’m taking Uranus and the Coyotes.

My original Finals prediction of Rangers and Blues is still intact.
‘ciao for now.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sports Astrology: NHL Stanley Cup Predictions

Hello Hockey Fans ! it’s that magical time of year again! Probably the best sports post season tournament is about to begin to see who will hoist Lord Stanley’s  Cup…yes I meant that to sound dirty!
First ,a brief Astrology lesson. As far as Sports Astrology goes I like to go with the Teams’ chart, not to mention I t would take me eternity to go through hundreds of players charts. However, after failing at my predictions in a couple of sports last year I have adjusted that thinking. After Tim Thomas led the Bruins to the Cup last year and seeing how much better his transits were over the ones to the Bruins team chart I have realized that in a couple of sports [ namely Hockey and Basketball ] the individual players charts can play as much importance as the team chart so I also looked at the charts of the Goalies and have weighed those in and ranked them as well as the team charts.
Second, another brief Astrology lesson , and a disclaimer I guess. Before I post my predictions here I’m going to make an excuse…just kidding ..I’m going to point out the tricky thing about this year. There’s always something that can throw you off or skew your prediction, usually it’s Uranus as Uranus by nature is unpredictable and full of surprises. Saturn and Pluto can be tricky as well sometimes but I think I’ve got them figured out, Uranus is the one that will get you though. If you’re team has stunk ..Uranus is good , because it’s sudden reversal. If you are normally good , then Uranus can be a surprising defeat or upset. It’s just like life ..if you’re at the top of the hill you want the status quo if you’re at the bottom you like the underdog and you want things to change. The other thing that you get with teams and players with this aspect happening is inconsistent play..great one night, not so the next.
When looking at the charts for the teams I noticed an interesting thing…I found several teams that had transiting Uranus [ surprise ] hitting their natal Saturn [status quo ] , this is where I have to switch to my sports knowledge and what I know about the history of the teams. This is also obviously where it’s easiest to make the wrong call. Here is a list of the teams with this aspect and I had to use my Piscean intuition to figure out which way Uranus would push these teams. So if all of my picks don’t pan out…you can blame Uranus….lol ..sorry that was a cheap one..but it’s not beneath me to do that.
Okay , here’s the teams with Uranus hitting their Saturn:
ST.Louis, Phoenix ,Pittsburgh, Philly , L.A. Kings
Also I have ranked the teams as far as the quality of their current transits and the transits for their Goalies and since several teams use 2 Goalies I have just ranked them by their teams names.
Team charts
1.       RANGERS
2.       CAPITALS
3.       PANTHERS
4.       PENGUINS
5.       DEVILS
6.       FLYERS
7.       SENATORS
8.       BRUINS
1.       BLUES
2.       COYOTES
3.       CANUCKS
4.       PREDSTORS
5.       RED WINGS
6.       KINGS
7.       SHARKS

1.       RANGERS [ Lundquist’s chart looks very awesome right now ]
2.       PENGUINS
3.       CAPITALS
4.       FLORIDA
5.       OTTAWA             
6.       DEVILS
7.       BRUINS [ Thomas does not have the great transits he had last year at this time ]
8.       FLYERS

1.       BLUES [ Elliott and Halak both look great and actually we’re born just over a month apart]
2.       COYOTES
3.       PREDATORS
4.       CANUCKS
5.       SHARKS
7.       KINGS
8.       RED WINGS [ I have to mention Howard’s chart looks especially bad with current transits ]

So with my disclaimer safely in place we go
[4] PENGUINS over [5] FLYERS
[3] PANTHERS over [6] DEVILS [ this was the toughest of the 1st round matchups to pick ]
[7] CAPITALS over [2] BRUINS
[1] CANUCKS over [8] KINGS
[2] BLUES over [7] SHARKS
Well I hope you enjoyed this half as much as I did , feel free to post comments if you wish. I will have further updates as the playoffs progress.

Sports Astrology : 2012 Baseball predictions with Astrology

Greetings  earthlings ,
It has been awhile now since last Baseball season ended and I think I have learned from my mistakes as I emerge from  the short , and not so cold [ for Ohio anyway] ,winter with renewed perspective on  a couple of the major sports that I had misjudged a bit  on my  predictions last year. So boldy I stand back up to the plate… alright that’s enough, I hate crappy old worn out clich├ęs, and honestly …you’re lucky I’m writing about baseball at all. But seriously, I don’t feel that bad about my picks last year, EVERYBODY had the Arizona Diamondbacks winning their division... right …nope… David Freese ..World Series MVP from a team that struggled to finish .500 during the regular season, everyone picked that one I’m sure.
Well I think I picked as many of the playoff teams correctly as most of the major prognosticators, and I think I did better in College Football and just as good in the NFL as anyone on ESPN .And guess what …I’ve figured out what planets to look for in Hockey [ yes I realize that no one cares, but me and my Canadian friends like Hockey ]and Basketball too. So I shall riddle you with a year full of Sports Astrology Blogs …. Reap it !!!
So I’m going to attempt to keep the technical Astrology info to a minimum [ yes, I’m aware that I always say that ]. All I will say is that I looked hard at players that had Jupiter in late Taurus through early Gemini ..and we’ll just say that it’s reaping dividends already in my Fantasy Baseball league [ yes, I’m aware that I’m a math geek ]. So onto predictions :
1. PHILADELPHIA [ 95-67]- best rotation in Baseball still, lots of injuries to offense is concerning , still they have ice transits overall.
2. MIAMI [ 88-74] vastly improving –if some of their guesses work out they could be a wild card.
3. ATLANTA [ 86-76 ]- umm, did absolutely nothing in off season. Lots of good young pitchers still. Need young talent to play well.
4. WASHINGTON [ 85-77 ]- This was a tough one , really improved last year , could finish as high as second. A team that has made good moves.
5. N.Y. METS [ 75-87 ]- Won’t be as bad as people think, won’t compete for  playoffs but they won’t be the worst team in the league either.
1. CINCINNATI [ 98-64]- I think, I think…they finally have all the pieces in place. It’s  Dusty’s to lose. Good transits this season.
2. ST.LOUIS  [ 93-69 ]- Hmmm, Matheny at Manager, there’s a name you can trust. Lots of pieces still in place even without Albert , no one wants to play them in October.
3. MILWAUKEE [ 84-78 ]- You can’t replace Prince’s that easy.
4. PITTSBURGH  [ 79-83 ] – Alllllllmost there , really close to breaking that under .500 streak.
5. CHICAGO  [ 68- 94 ]-  Why is Chris Marmol in the Major Leagues?
6. HOUSTON [ 65-97 ] – not sure what this team is doing other than taking away the Pirates role of giving away all their good players at trading deadline for nothing.
1 .L.A. DODGERS [ 93-69 ] – this just feels like a team that has come out from under a lot of turbulence and they have put a nice team together. I’m taking the Dodgers to pull the upset here.
2. ARIZONA- [ 91-71 ]- Second best run team in Baseball. Kirk Gibson is a great Manager. This is the hardest team in baseball’s chart to figure out. If they get the repeat from all of the young pitchers hat they got last year they could win division again.
3. SAN FRANCISCO [ 89- 73] Still really strong pitching wise but offense has slipped a bit. Will be in the hunt , still good enough to win division.
4. COLORADO [ 70-92 ]- Not sure what their direction is at this point, losing talent quickly.
5. SAN DIEGO [ 61-101]- WHY?
1. TAMPA BAY [ 97-65 ] – This is the  best run team in baseball, from front office, to manager to , players that produce what they should be.
2. N.Y. YANKEES [ 96-66 ]- Dangerous as always, it will come down to starting pitching for them.
3. BOSTON [ 86-76]- yeah it’s just not that smart to fire a manager that wins you 2 World Series when you hadn’t won one in 100 years before that. Get rid of the problem players in the clubhouse, not the Manager.
4. TORONTO [ 84-78 ]- Really, really good time in a brutal division. Won’t be shocked if they finish ahead of Red Sox.
5. BALTIMORE [ 75-87]-Transits improving ,looking decent for next year .Getting  better  talent wise.
1. DETROIT [ 105-57 ] – Massive amounts of power , Jupiter is making great transits to their chart, will absolutely bludgeon most trams to death. If they get pitching like they did last year will be nearly unbeatable.
2. CLEVELAND [ 87-75 ]- Good young talent here too, just need veterans to stay healthy.
3. KANSAS CITY [ 79-83 ]- Improving , just have to keep these young guys together 1 more year.
4. CHICAGO W.S. [ 72-90]- Rebuilding , rebuilding, rebuilding…Rawhide!
5. MINNESOTA [ 71-91 ]- can’t have as many injuries as last year but they let too many good players jump ship.
1. TEXAS [ 94-68]- Still strong , but barely ahead of Angels.
2. LOS ANGELES ANGELS [ 97-65 ]- Nothing not to like here, lots of good hitters to go around as long as there are no injuries to Pitching staff things look good.
3. SEATTLE [ 69-93 ]- Some good young position players , not going anywhere though.
4. OAKLAND [ 67-95 ]- More like No Moneyball.

ST.Louis over Arizona
ST.Louis over Philly
Cincinnati over L.A. Dodgers
Cincinnati over ST. Louis

N.Y. YANKEES over Angels
Detroit over Tampa Bay
Yankees over Rangers
Tigers over Yankees
World Series
Tigers over Reds

Sunday, April 8, 2012

2012 key Astrological dates

 What’s the point of procrasting if you can’t be late on things …that being said, here’s the forecast for the last 75% of 2012. I wanted to let things shake out a bit first but I’ve got a list here of the most pertinent dates and periods for the rest of this year and I ‘m going to give you a little run down of each now. As additional things develop and as some of these dates get closer I will add additional info to some of these . These are not the only things happening this year but I think I have picked out what will be the most ….ummmm…. entertaining… periods of this year. Okay enough foreshadowing already, this isn’t Film class after all.
First I will touch on the first couple things that happened in the first quarter of the year that you may have felt but didn’t realize what was happening with all of the other stuff going on. We had Mars in it’s very long [ 8 month ] transit of Virgo going retrograde on January 23rd . This has been the jump in the increase of irritation and frustration you have seen in the people around you the last few months. And on February 4th we saw Neptune go into the sign it rules , Pisces, and this was the start of the 14 year cycle which so far raised everyone’s  intuition ,psychic abilities , intuition and weepiness in the last 2  months. Neptune helps us get in touch with our spiritual side and be more natural and be more in touch with everything that shares this planet with us and these are good things.
We have 2 different sets of things happening  in our universe right now. 1] We are seeing the destruction and overthrow of things that are no longer useful .  2. We are getting back in touch with who we are supposed to be.  These may seem unrelated but things often have to be taken away to make room for new better things to come into our lives. So this is where we are as of Early April 2012 on Planet Earth. Things are speeding up as I ‘m sure you’ve all noticed and we are in a time of progressed evolution as we shed all the old parts of ourselves and it almost feels like we are living in “ real time” now when we can imagine things and see them come into fruition almost immediately.
These are the next steps in our evolution:
       Apr. 10 Pluto retrograde at 9 Capricorn
Pluto rules our souls evolution and also it’s about death, rebirth and transformation. when a planet stations it’s effects are more powerful ,on these days we often see life changing events on the news as people , governments ,currencies and even sometimes the Earth itself transforms.
       Apr. 13 Mars direct at 3 Virgo
 Mars is the lower octave of Pluto and Mars is how we evolve through our physical body. Mars is about energy , anger, aggression and instinctual behavior.
When 2 powerful planets like this station in the same week it should make for some very interesting news headlines. These 2 stations will most likely play out 1 of 2 ways with most people. Either there will be a great release of pressure or there will be a great culmination of frustration for what’s been boiling since January 23rd when Mars went retrograde.
       Jun.3 Neptune retrograde at 3 pisces
 Whenever Neptune makes a station it is sleepy time for everyone and we are all asked to get in touch with our intuition and our dream life. People will also feel more emotional and sympathetic than normal. Also during this week there is Jupiter wrapping up its year long stay in Taurus and the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all conjunct in Gemini , with Venus being retrograde as it does every 18 months or so. I would expect this to be the best feeling week of the year with the heavy Neptune and Venus influence and the social butterfly effect of Gemini.
       Jun. 11 Jupiter enters Gemini
 Jupiter enters Gemini for the beginning of its year long stay there. People will become information gatherers on a grand scale.
       Jun. 24 Uranus square Pluto at 8 Aries Capricorn
When these 2 square up as they will be several times over the next few years there is Revolution in the Air as the power structures come under attack.
       Jun. 25 Saturn direct at 22 Libra
Saturn turns direct and this usually makes everyone feel very work orientated and disciplined …and probably guilty too. As Saturn moves forward again we can start putting forward those plans we’ve been working on internally since early February.
       July 12. Uranus retro at 8 Aries
Uranus station...time to feel some freedom and Independence.
July 17-21
   Cardinal Grand Cross with a Muteable t-square followed by a Muteable Grand Cross and a  Cardinal t-square. I will be posting much ,much more on these configurations as this is where he action is.
       Sep. 17 Pluto direct at 6 Capricorn
        Intensity here as always with a Pluto station. There will be the death, transformation, rebirth theme in the news stories today.
       Sep. 19 Uranus square Pluto at 7 Aries Capricorn
Square dancing again [ ouch , that was bad ] look for more Revolutions and economies tumbling in the news today.
       Oct. 5 Saturn enters Scorpio
Ahhh, the big clamp down. If you are looking for big things to happen on 12/21/12 you should be looking at this date instead. The powers that be are.
Nov.6th Election day – 4 years ago we had Uranus opposite Saturn and Uranus was the big winner. This year we have Saturn newly into Scorpio and we’re just a few days short of a Neptune station. It should be interesting.
       Nov. 10 Neptune direct at zero Pisces
Sleepy time the sequal , everyone is ready to zone out after the Presidential Election is over. This is time to move forward with all those plans you’ve been dreaming up while Neptune was retrograde.
       Nov. 29 Mars conjunct Pluto at 8 Capricorn
Anger and explosiveness rules here, be nice to your relatives at Thanksgiving , even though there may be more family power struggles and resentments than usual.
       Dec. 12 Uranus direct at 4 Aries
Uranus station again…There are often large Earthquakes and other disasters on days when Uranus stations , don’t listen to the panic of 12/21 that will probably be flying around. This isn’t the precursor to the end of the world it’s just another Uranus station.
       Dec. 21 Winter Solstice - The End of the Mayan Calendar
We will still exist on December 22nd.
       Dec. 21 Yod at 9 degrees is Saturn in Scorpio ,Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Gemini.
How about that, not only are not going to die, there is actually a pretty nice configuration that day.
   So that’s the cliff notes version of 2012 but I will be posting much more on and around some of these key dates I’ve mentioned.
  Take care everyone.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mars in Virgo Retrograde- chillax

Okay, so I write this blog for educational purposes of course but this particular one I think can help people on some timing issues with a difficult transit. The typical Mars transit takes about 2 months to go through a sign or house and  about 2 years to go through the whole Zodiac. Some Mars transits are easier than others some are more explosive depending on what aspects they’re making, what sign their in etc..
Sometimes a planet goes retrograde [or backwards], when this happens the Planets energy is now focused inward . So something that is usually very active or aggressive may have problems when it is retrograde because it is focusing energy inwards that it normally uses to move forward. When Mars is in an aggressive or easily agitated state it can become very frustrated because it is not free to move about as it wishes.
Here are some pertinent dates and numbers and some stuff for the math geeks:
Mars went into Virgo November 9th of last year, turned retrograde on January 23rd of this year at 23 Virgo, will station and go forward on April 13th at 3 degrees of Virgo and finish its visit through Virgo on July 3rd at 3 degrees Virgo.
Okay, back to the plot of our story .Mars is very aggressive by nature and works on an instinctual level, Virgo is very analytical and anal retentive, to a fault sometimes, but great at fixing problems. When Mars is retrograde its energy is turned inwards, so Mars has a lot of things to fix while it’s in Virgo, but when the energy is turned inwards it becomes frustrated and irritable. It wants to fix many things and usually at the same time as the Virgo frenetic energy can work on many things simultaneously when undisturbed. This frustration leads to a sense of introspection to analyze what is worth doing and what is just busy work. Discriminate between what activities or battles are of value and what is just OCD.
So for an 8 month period beginning last November and lasting through the beginning of this July with a highlighted period of January 23rd through April 13th people will feel very antsy and have OCD to some level. Tensions will be running high by the Spring Equinox when the Sun enters Aries and everyone is ready to go off on adventure but Mars still in retrograde says “ just a minute there lad, not quite yet”.
My message here I guess is “ try not to strangle too many people to death during this period “ I ‘m limiting all of you to 2 strangulation deaths per week , okay 3 , but that’s it and I ‘m not budging.
Seriously, there’s a lot of stuff going on, relax , love thy neighbor , yada yada . We’re just learning some patience and being taught to pick what’s really important and prioritize, it will all be okay. The earth is not going to end on December 21st, we still have lots of time in front of us, please relax.