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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sports Astrology: Uranus, Saturn and the NHL Playoffs

 Well here’s where Sports are such a great vehicle to study Astrology. As I mentioned in my Blog before the playoffs started there are 5 teams that have transiting Uranus conjunct Saturn in the teams charts. Now normally this will produce upsets and topsy turvey , inconsistent play. The funny thing here is that in the first round 4 of  the 5 teams with Uranus Transiting their Saturn all won their first round playoff series, 2 of them being upsets and the only one of the 5 teams that lost  [ Pittsburgh ] was playing another team that had the same transit [ Philly ] That entire series was bizarre itself with Philly shocking the Penguins by winning the first 3 games then the Penguins winning the next 2 including scoring 10 goals in a game which is the first time that had been done in the NHL playoffs in many , many decades. In several of the games in that series the team that led early ended up losing the game.
So that’s what you get with Uranus to Saturn transits, shocking reversals and changes in the status quo. The other big upset of note the L.A. Kings who were a no. 8 seed upset No. 1 seed Vancouver who accumulated the most points during the Regular Season and almost won the Stanley Cup last year taking Boston to 7 games. Also the Kings had not won a Playoff Series in over a decade, there’s Uranus for you, you just don’t know what to expect  only that it will be bizarre. I guess that’s the challenging part is that there are transits that are obviously good, transits that are obviously and then there are those that can go either way and you have to predict how it will play out in the teams and individual players charts which sometimes are contradicting to the Teams chart.
So anyway, looking forward to round 2 we have 4 of the 5 teams with the Uranus transit to Saturn left and 3 of them are in the West and 2 of them will have to play each other this round. My pick for the best, most brutal series of the 2nd round however is Phoenix vs. Nashville. These are 2 pretty evenly matched teams with very different transits.
So here are my picks and I’m going with the Uranus conjunct Saturn teams.
Philly over New Jersey [ Brodeur’s Jupiter transit to his Sun is starting to wane now , I’m guessing the Uranus transit to Saturn continues to work for the Flyers ]
Rangers over Capitals [ Both teams have good transits but I’m sticking with Rangers my original pick to win the cup ]

ST.Louis over L.A. Kings [ both have Uranus transiting Saturn but one of them has to win, Blues goalies have better transits ]
The Predators have some good transits but I’m taking Uranus and the Coyotes.

My original Finals prediction of Rangers and Blues is still intact.
‘ciao for now.

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