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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sports Astrology: Earth signs and the NFL Playoffs

The planet Jupiter stays in a sign for about one year at a time and for most of this past year it has been in the sign of Taurus. Jupiter usually has to do with luck as well as learning amongst other things. We all get Jupiter in the same sign as our sun one out of every 12 years. After looking at the charts of some players I decided to look at some of the Qb's that were born under the ign of Taurus to see how they did . The 2 starting qb's I found first were Cam Newton and Alex Smith . Cam was the no.1 pick in the NFL Draft but many were skeptical if he could translate that to the NFL level. Alex was the no.1 pick a few years back but had had a rocky NFL career to this point.

Cam plays for the Carolina Panthers who are in a rebuilding phase and only won a couple of games last year and weren't expected to do much. Surprisingly the Panthers improved from 2 wins to 6 and Newton will finish in the top 3 for certain in Rookie of the Year voting if he doesn't in fact win it.

Alex Smith had won and lost the starting QB job for San Francisco several times and many were surprised when they decided to bring him back for this season. Smith had his best season by leaps and bounds this year and led the 49ers tp the second best record in the league at 13-3.Coincidence ?

Also the 2 other Earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn, form favorable aspects to Taurus and with Pluto in the sign of  Capricorn this entire season and Mars in Virgo for the last few months of the season I wondered if there were any other Earth signs still hanging around in the playoffs.What I found is that the coaches of 3 of the 4 remaining teams in the playoffs are either Capricorn [ Jim Harbaugh] or Virgo [ John Harbaugh, Tom Coughlin ] and two of the other remaining starting QB's [ Joe Flacco, Eli Manning ] are Capricorn's  as well. 

The best Wide Reciever in the playoffs so far ..Hakeem Nicks [ Capricorn] . Most Recieving yards in the playoffs.Demaryius Thomas [ Caprisorn].The all time NFL regular season record for passing yards for a season was broken this year by Drew Brees [ Capricorn] . Leading Rusher in the Playoffs so far ..Arian Foster  [Virgo ].
Am I done yet?  nope.The NFL Playoff record for TD catches in a half of a playoff game was set last week by Rob Gronkowski ...Taurus.

Just a note of reference..there are 4 elements so you should only have 25% of the four remaining coaches or Quarterbacks be of the same element not %75 . But afte rall Astrology is just bunk ..right?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sports Astrology NFL Playoffs pt.2

I went 2 and 2 last week missing the 2 AFC games and I got 2 requests for updated predictions for this weeks  games so I am actually posting the charts for game time of all 4 games [ give or take a minute ]. I’m still taking the 4 teams I had winning originally in this round to win still but I thought I’d give a little additional info to the games.
In Football Saturn is offense [ strategy ] and Uranus is Defense [ creating chaos ] so that’s some of what I’ll be using to predict the scores.
Above is the chart for the Saints- 49ers on Saturday. Venus recently into Pisces and Neptune conjunct in the 10th house looks for a game that could favor the underdog but also look for deception , trickery or a mental lapse or error being important in the game. Near the end of the game Mercury  and  Pluto should be on the midheaven of the game chart and Uranus close to the ascendant so I would expect lots of excitement late. I would think that it will take some key strategy and leadership [ Capricorn] to take control of the game late. I expect the Saints to win but I think the 49ers will be in the game the whole way but the Saints are too powerful.  Gemini in the first House to start game , Gemini ruler Mercury is conjunct  Pluto I like that to favor the favored Saints.The Moon is conjunct the 49ers Neptune and the Saints Mercury I like those to favor the Saints decision making. I’m taking the Saints 31-19.

This is the second game Saturday . The fighting Tebow’s vs. the Patriots. Denver is the only team with a winning record vs. the Patriots since 2000. Strangely enough these 2 teams have the sane Birthday as they played each other in their initial games on September 9th 1960 so it’s almost like the Broncos have an immunity to the Patriots wiley tricks. Pluto will be approaching the Descendant , Mars in the third and Uranus in the 9th as the game ends. The teams charts are useless as they are exactly the same here. Mars is in first house as game starts I like that to favor Patriots as they are the favorite and the home team. Pats eventually  34-23.
Venus just recently into Pisces sits on the MC as the game starts as does Neptune. This features the underdog early. The Sun in Capricorn sits on the MC as the game ends . The Moon in Libra favors balance and a close game.North Node is in 7th and it’s ruler is Jupiter is in 12th that could mean trickery or lack of energy for Texans. The Moon is conjunct Ravens chiron and North Node and it is past the  Texans Libra Moon. I like the Texans to hang very tough but the Ravens come out the victor 24-16.

Uranus in the10th to start this game expect lots of excitement early. Moon still in Libra so I expect it to be a close back and fourth game . Mars is getting ready to make a station next week and is starting to slow down. The Giants will be a handful but the Moon has past the Giants Mars and transiting Mars is almost on top of the Packers Natal Mars. Packers 34-28.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sports Astrology NFL Playoffs with Astrology

Greetings  friends , Sports fans and Astrology enthusiasts [ and alos those that are just bored surfing the web for insignificant blogs ] . Welcome to my second annual NFL Playoff prediction blog using Astrology and I promise limited commercial interruptions.
First a quick review of my predictions from the beginning of the season which you can find in the September archives on this very blog site. I correctly picked 6 teams records exactly and was within 1 game on 6 others. I correctly picked 5 of the 8 Division winners correctly and 7 of the 12 playoff teams correctly . Not great but over 50% and I‘ll put that up against the top prognosticator’s out there. 3 of the 4 teams I had making the conference championship games won 13 games or more and won their divisions. My big miss was Phillip Rivers being MVP and the San Diego Chargers actually being good, those Uranus transits can be tricky is all I can say there.
Okay enough excuses here’s my playoff predictions.
Wildcard round
[ 4] NY Giants over Atlanta – The Giants are hot , Mars is past the Virgo stellium in Atlanta’s chart and the Moon of the game chart is conjunct Pluto in the Giants chart ..they will be focused, powerful and will control the game..take the Giants here , Atlanta will not match their intensity.
[3] Saints over [6] Lions- The lions had a great season and finally made the Playoffs again but Drew Brees had a record breaking season. The Lions will put up a good fight in a very high scoring game but the Saints but Mars is applying to the Saints Pluto , Uranus , Sun triple conjunction here ,sorry Lions , just too powerful. The Lions chart looks great for next year so heads up Lions fans , you had a great season.
Divisional Playoffs
[3] Saints over [2] 49ers- The 49ers had a great season and shockingly won 13 games under new coach Jim Harbaugh . The bad news is Mars has passed the energy part in the 49ers chart. Too much offense by the Saints
[1] Packers over [4] Giants – The Moon is sitting on the Packers Mars , they will be hyped and full of energy here . Nice try Giants but the defending champs emotion will not be matched by the Giants on this day.
[ 3] Saints over [1] Packers- This was the toughest of all to pick. I think these are the 2 best teams in the NFL and I picked the Packers to repeat at the beginning of the season. These teams met in the first game of the season and it was the best game of the year with the Packers stopping the Saints at the goal line on the last play of the game. The difference between these 2 teams is almost nothing. The Moon is in Capricorn at game time and that usually favors the visiting team as it allows them to neutralize the Home field advantage a bit. Both of these teams have the 3 transits needed to win it all. After seeing the teams play through the regular season I ‘m going back on my pick from the beginning of the season and I ‘m taking the Saints by the slimmest of margins, this is literally a toss up and the last team to have the ball will probably win but I ‘m taking the Saints in the slight upset here. Last year Saturn was a symbol of destiny in the Packers chart and represented limitations in the Saints chart, this year it’s reversed. Saturn giveth , and Saturn taketh away.
[6] Bengals over  [3] Texans – Houston finally broke through and won their division and are making their first playoff appearance but have had a ton of injuries and are down to their rookie QB . The Bengals and Texans both have rookie QB’s playing but unfortunately for the Texans Mars is sitting right on the Bengals Pluto on this day. The Bengals will impose their will and win their first playoff game since1990,the Texans had a good season but their good transits are passed .
[5] Steelers over [4] Broncos – The fighting Tebow’s shocked people this year  but Tebow’s transits have cooled and the Pittsburgh Defense is just too good. The Moon in the game chart is applying to the Steelers Pluto and Jupiter is also conjunct Uranus in the Steelers natal chart. Too much energy , too much emotion and focus , Steel curtain wins this none.
Divisional Round
[1] Patriots over [6] Bengals – not the laugher you think. Both teams have good Mars transits on this day. This will be close , the Bengals will find enough holes in the Pats d to stay with them. I look for the Patriots in a very close game, the Bengals will stick with them the whole way. I would not rule out an upset but I ‘ll take the Pats in a very close one.
[2] Ravens over [5] Steelers – This is probably the best rivalry in the NFL right now, these guys hate each other. The Moon in the game chart here is just past the Moon in the chart for Pittsburgh and Jupiter is sitting on the Moon in the Ravens chart. I think the Ravens will have just a bit more intensity here, get a lucky bounce or 2 and beat the Steelers for the third time this year in a close , defensive battle.
[2] Ravens over [1] Patriots – This is a tough one , but the Ravens have Pluto sitting on their Jupiter and their Nodes are activated by a square from Pluto and Uranus . The Ravens could self destruct  with too many turnovers here, but I don’t think so , no one on the AFC side can quite match their intensity. I pick the Ravens to win the AFC , Ray Rice has been too good this year.

The Moon is applying to Mars in the Ravens chart here, that’s always a good aspect. Saturn is conjunct the South Node in the Saints chart at this time. They had a big aspect to their South Node 2 years ago also when they won their first Super Bowl. The Ravens will keep the Saints in check until late in the game here. Mars is still sitting right in the middle of the Saints Virgo stellium and it’s almost stationary concentrating that energy. I look for the Saints to win this one late in a close game.
If the Packers do defeat the Saints in the NFC Championship game I look for the Packers here in a close one also. I think the Ravens are just a notch below the 2 NFC teams offensively.
Remember to send your hate mail to MMETHENY1984@YAHOO.COM if I didn’t pick your team to win.
Until next season , ‘ciao