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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don't read this blog

Greetings people of Earth.  Yes I know I'm a few days late on these but this is for educationaI purposes only not gambling purposes. I think it's good to challenge yourself from time to time , just to kinda keep yourself on your toes. While trying to rummage through my brain for some ideas for a challenge I came up with trying to see how many people I could get to read one of my blogs. Shortly after this idea came into my head I realized that even though I have a solid group of people that attend my class [ Thanks Dad and Sister ! ] and I give some lectures and I have been on some Internet radio shows , in the grand scheme of things I really am not a famous person [ you're welcome !] . I'm sure that Dr. Phil and the Kardashians and the Octomom and Charle Sheen and others probably have millions of people that read their blogs [ actually I don't know if any of those people have Blogs so I'm kind of embellishing here for dramatic purposes ] or their tweets [ No I am not on Twitter so don't look for me there ] So then it came to me .. I shall go the opposite way [ as I often do ] of the tide [ does this put me in the Salmon family ?]. I shall try to write a blog that absolutely no one will read.. I'm sure it's been done before but I usually have a few people that read my blogs [ even if it's against their will or over the phone or it has to be enclosed in a gift card ] but this was a task I 'm sure I was up to .
 So I had to come up with a topic that would go over like a Led Zeppelin [ that would be a good name for a band actually ] . And being this is my Astrology blog it would have to have something to do with the application of Astrology to something . As I live in the United States most of my clients and followers are American [ although I hear that I'm big in Canada ....just kidding ] .although I do have friends in Canada and New Zealand and the Ukraine and probably other places as well [ Thanks Facebook ! you really do help people's NOT just a movie ]. So what do Americans care the least about ?.No... it's not the Federal Reserve System's Hockey . For those of you who do not live in Canada , the Czech Republic or countries that were part of the former Soviet Union [ You know who you are Stans ! ..] hockey is a Sport that is over 25 years old ![ Actually the NHL itself is 94 years old] and is played with a puck which is shot into a netted goal [ if done properly ] . So every year in the spring the tournament to decide who will hold Lord Stanley's Cup [ yes that does almost sound dirty ] . Being that i actually AM a Hockey fan I will attempt to use my Astrological knowledge to predict who will be hoisting the magical cup 2 months from now. Also I may be the first person to attempt this ..and I 'm not using any wires or nets.You may not want to try this at home.
 All kidding aside the NHL Playoffs are actually one of the best Playoffs of any of the Sports , there are always lots of upsets and the intensity level is probably unmatched in Sports. Another fun part of it is that the teams are reseeded after the first round so that you often have the underdogs having to spring multiple upsets to get to the Finals [ which often happens] . Also , unlike most of the other team sports [ except for perhaps Baseball ], in Hockey if you have a Goalie get hot you can have 1 person dominate and completely control the outcome of a game or a series. So sometimes you can have a team that barely makes the playoffs make it all the way to the Finals on the back of one person as can somewhat happen if you have a pitcher that gets hot, although a Pitcher cannot play every game like a Goalie can but he can control a specific game .
 As far as rulerships with Hockey Jupiter [ Sports in general as well as luck ] is a usual suspect as is Mars [ aggression ] and Uranus [ surprise events ] as goals are usually results of a tremendous individual play or a strange unexpected bounce and Pluto [ sustained long term focused defensive effort ] . Okay that being said I researched to find the first games of all the NHL teams and particularly the 16 that made the playoffs ,produced their Team Natal charts , looked at the transits to said charts and then placed a group of Monkey's in a room with darts and a dartboard with the Team names on it .Just checking to see if you're still paying attention , the agent for the Monkey's wouldn't return my calls. I also looked at past years when there were similar planetary influences happening and TADA ! you get a wild guess . Just kidding , it's more scientific than that . Like I've said in my other Sports blogs, there's no one thing to look for in transits to a Team's chart it's like looking at different hands of Poker to see who has the best one , thus there could be some user error or difference in interpretation. Okay , now that I've made a disclaimer's what I saw from looking at the charts of the 16 playoff teams [ seed's in parenthesis ].
Eastern Conference
First round
[1] Washington over [8] N Y Rangers 4-2
[2] Philadelphia  over [7] Buffalo 4-3
[6] Montreal over [3] Boston  4-3
[5] Tampa Bay over [4] Pittsburgh 4-3
[6] Montreal  over [1] Washington 4-3
[2] Philadelphia over [5] Tampa 4-3
conference finals
[2] Philadelphia over [6] Montreal  4-3 
Western Conference
First round
[1] Vancouver over [8] Chicago 4-1
[2] San Jose over [7] LA Kings 4-3
[3] Detrit over [6] Phoenix  4-3
[4] Nashville over [5] Anaheim 4-3
[1] Vancouver over [4] Nashville 4-3
[2] San Jose over [3] Detroit 4-3
conference finals
San Jose over Vancouver 4-2
Stanley Cup Finals
San Jose over Phiadelphia 4-2

NBA Playoffs with Astrology

Howdy friends,
 I've covered the other sports so here's my NBA Playoff Preview with Astrology. As always I hunted down through NBA history and found the first game for all the Teams in the NBA and looked closely at the charts of the 16 teams in the playoffs and the Transits occurring to those charts to make my predictions. A note of interest about the NBA and the playoff's is that there seems to be far fewer upsets in the NBA than in the other Major Pro Sports. I am not exactly sure why this is other than there always seems to be a few players in the league at a time that are above everyone else talent wise that it is harder for their team to get upset unless they have a really poor supporting cast . Magic, Bird, Jordan, Shaq, Kobe , Duncan all know the names and these players teams have won the majority of the championships over the last 30 years . There have been exceptions but for the most part these players have dominated the other teams so until someone else comes along [ Durant ?] you tend to see the same few teams near the top of the NBA every year with just a couple teams switching in and out of the playoffs every year. Jupiter and Mars seem to be the main contributors to Basketball success. It appears to me that the planets that rule muteable signs or are less fixed to seem to be more favorable for Basketball and Hockey that have less structure and scoring often results from broken plays or fast breaks. Whereas I think there is more strategy and planning that maybe goes into Football and Baseball in a lot of instances. Anyway , that's my perception at this point , subject to change , not valid in all states. Another oddity is that Pro Basketball seems to have a lot of repeat champions or Dynasty's that can keep it going for several years even with Free agency being what it is now.
 An interesting thing about the new era of sports is that teams will move cities if they're doing well financially or get a better offer from another city. This can lead to conflict as to which chart to use for a given team. The original birth of the team or the first game in the city they are currently in ? There are many schools of thought to this . You don't get a new chart when you move to a new city although you do through progressions get your updated. My research to this point has found that with a sports franchise it's a bit more than a person moving. A team just like a corporation [ but even more so ] is like an extension of the city that it represents . It is interweaved both financially and emotionally with the city it resides in. Look how Cleveland reacted when Lebron left, they had had their hearts ripped out. Also when a team moves they also change a lot of their players , often coaches , everything a lot fo times. The whole vibrational energy changes . It's not like when you and your family move to a new city , you still have your husband or wife and your children albeit you may go to work at a different place or your children go to a different school. But a team is such an extension of the city and more so the fans that make up that city and financially support that franchise that it's such a radical difference from it's previous existance that I have found that the new chart fits better with the team . That's my argument , the defense rests .
 As far as Transits and things go , sports has to do with energy and often he who is the most aggressive and has the most energy has a good shot at winning because they have that extra energy push. trines [ 120 degree aspect ] are nice for a person , but when your job is to crush and punish your opponent I'll take that Mars Square [ 90 degree aspect ] to Pluto for some extra determination and maybe a bit of nastiness but you're not getting pushed around with that aspect though. So right now what I 'm looking for is teams and players if you're playing any Fantasy Sports with some of that Aries energy in their chart . Jupiter is at 18 , Mars at 8 , Uranus at 1 as well as the Sun and Moon both in Aries as of the starting date for the NBA and NHL playoffs. If a team or a player has a lot of that Aries energy in their chart they are vitalized right now.
 So back to point, this is an Astrology column and here were trying to show the connectivity that Astrology is a good predictive tool and there are patterns and cycles to the events that go on around us even if we are not aware of all of them. The charts of players and teams and cities and franchises and corporations all work the same as your own chart does. You have hot streaks and cold streaks, times when people love you and times when people hate you and the point to it all is realizing that everything is a cycle where we evolve by working out our own issues and helping others with theirs. Granted these are Sports and probably totally meaningless in the grand picture of things but Sports are great ways to experiment because you can see a definitive end result with little gray area.
 So as the Lakers and Phil Jackson begin their quest for another threepeat here's how I see things playing out with a little help from my Planetary friends.
Eastern Conference
first round
[1] CHICAGO over[ 8] INDIANA   4-0
[ 2] MIAMI over  [7] PHILADELPHIA 4-2 this will be closer than expected
[3] BOSTON over[ 6 ] N Y KNICKS  4-2
[4] ORLANDO over  [5] ATLANTA  4-1
second round
Orlando over Chicago 4-3
Miami over Boston  4-3 this one is EXTREMELY tight
conference finals
Miami over Orlando
Western Conference
first round
[1] SAN ANTONIO over [8] MEMPHIS  4-2
[2] LA LAKERS over [7] NEW ORLEANS 4-0
[6] PORTLAND over  [3] DALLAS  4-3
[4] OKLAHOMA CITY over[5] DENVER 4-3
second round
Lakers over Portland 4-2
San Antonio over Oklahoma City 4-3 
conference finals
Lakers over San Antonio 4-2
Lakers over Miami 4-2

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sports Astrology : MLB PREVIEW

 Yes I know we're a week into the season already but in an attempt to make Baseball more interesting ..just kidding ... it's just that my 2 favorite teams are 2 of the worst teams normally[ Pittsburgh Pirates and Cleveland Indians I'm talking to you !] I have decided to apply my Astrological musings to the old American past time . Since I was able to pick the Super Bowl winner before the beginning of the NFL season [ yes, I 'm going to keep bringing that up ] I'm going to take a look at the charts of all 32 MLB teams and see what mystical knowledge I can gather about the upcoming season. I made an attempt to predict the outcome of the NCAA Tournament which I shared with some of you , but as I found out , if you don't have the chart's of ALL the teams it makes it very difficult to predict the winner of some of the games. A team can have really good or really bad aspects happening but if you don't know what's happening in the other teams chart you're still guessing at the outcome. I did accurately make some good predictions for some teams but info out there on College sports teams is sketchy for some schools especially when you find out that some of them have been fielding Football or Basketball teams for 100 years or more in some cases. Records get a little fuzzy going back that far .
 First I'll go over a few of the ground rules. I'm learning some of this as I go along just like the rest of you but there are certain Planets that rule sports in general. These would be the Sun, Jupiter, and Mars . There are also other planets that are involved more with particular sports such as Saturn with Baseball and Football , Mercury with Baseball , Pluto with Football and there are a few others. Then there are planets that effect things in general in a sporting event like Neptune [ lack of energy , Intuition , rooting for the underdog ], Pluto [ Intensity,violence,power] ,Uranus [ excitement,sudden reversals ], Mars [ aggressiveness,energy] and the Moon [ emotions,fans ] . There are also the destiny points as well, Saturn [ destiny , wisdom, learning of lessons, the maturation process ] , the North Node [ future, destiny , claiming one's throne] the South Node [ past karma , overcoming past karma ] and Pluto [ claiming power ]. There are more to all of these but this is a good sampling. As you can apply transiting planets energies to a person's chart the same can be done to the chart of a corporation or a Team.
Once finding the Birth chart for the team [ getting the time, date and place of their first game ] you can them apply the transiting planets to the Teams chart to see where they stand . Now, the art or interpretation part of this is that just like with a person, a Saturn transit can be good or bad depending on what you've done up to this point . Did you develop your young players by putting them into games early in the season? Do you have good coaches and role models in the locker room ? Did you do enough pre-game study of your opponent ? Did you not overspend on overpriced Free Agents who are past their prime? If yes , then good Saturn transit, your team will reap
One more thing that makes the " interpretive " portion of this more fun is that there really isn't anything you can look at in a chart where you can say " this teams will win the championship , World Series , Super Bowl etc. ". Sometimes it's a Jupiter transit showing great luck and optimism,sometimes it's Pluto showing a team coming to Power making a good transit to the team chart. I t may be Saturn saying "you've worked hard... here's your reward " or it may be Uranus transiting the a team's North Node saying " exciting and surprising events leading to a fulfillment of future promise" or it can be a combination of transits. The bottom line is ...picking who will win the champion in a major sport is more like poker ...who has the best hand to win this round so it can be a lot of " is this teams' Jupiter transit more powerful than this teams Uranus transit ".Also as far as professional sports goes usually there are multiple teams that will enter the league at the same time so tat the number of teams stays even. This will lead to having 2 or sometimes more teams with a chart for the same day although possibly a different time or location. This is where how the franchise has been managed will also come into play as a diffirentiator between the  2. And of course I did statistics on sporting events for 20 odd years also so I do have some interest in the teams and know their history. So that's the other application to be made , what is this team doing ? Do they have the right mix of players? do they have enough from a talent standpoint ?how tough is their schedule or the Division they are in?
So there are several factors that go into these predictions , and they are fun and also you get to see a definitive wrong or right to the picks at the end of the season . plus the teams I like suck [ as in most sports, but I'm loyal at least ] . The biblical saying is " The meek shall inherit the Earth " I guess that means that one day we'll all be working for the Pittsburgh Pirates .
There are over 900 players in Major League Baseball on the 30 professional teams . I did not look at the chart's of all 900 some players ...... because I have a life. I will try to throw in a few names at the end of some players that may surprise this season though if you are a Fantasy Sports geek [ look , I think I see one in the mirror now]. I did however., look at the charts of all 30 teams and the transits that took place during some of their more successful seasons to try and get a grasp on how transits similar to the ones we have now have played out in their charts in the past . So wing of Bat , eye of Newt , past World Series Transits and a few other tidbits get thrown into the old cauldron and poof ! get your World Series winner .One note in defense of Fantasy sports geeks...if your teams are always bad you have to make it interesting somehow.
Okay so last year we had 2 surprise teams in the World Series with the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers . The Rangers haven't made the World Series ever since they moved to Texas in 1972. The Giants moved to San Francisco in 1958 from New York and had been in the World Series 3 times but never known. One of those being in 1989 which was a very famous Series ..but not for Baseball [ Google Northridge Earthquake].
Here are my predicted Final Standings
1.BOSTON [ 96-66] very good transits , fixed team weaknesses on paper at least , cannot have as many injuries as last year
2.N Y YANKEES [93-69] great tradition.. decent transits
3 TORONTO [ 92-70 ] nice transits , surprise team could make playoffs
4.TAMPA BAY [ 87-75] downswing, last year was their chance .
5.BALTIMORE [76-86 ] upswing, have been terrible for years , finally turning the corner upwards , should be strong through end of May at least and then will tail off a bit
1. CHICAGO [ 97-65 ] Power in the chart , power in the lineup!
2. DETROIT [ 90-72] on the upswing, could make playoff's this year but will be very dangerous in 2012
3. MINNESOTA [ 86-76 ] still good but not as good as last year, the window has closed a bit
4. KANSAS CITY [ 72-90 ] a truly terrible team the last few years . Turning things around , will be good through end of May . Better and much more exciting this year
5. CLEVELAND [ 63-99 ] lots of young players, plays well early and late in the season . Has issues during the middle of the season.
1. TEXAS [ 92-70 ] Pluto transiting their Jupiter ..lots of Power , lots of Home runs . Hard to defeat but may self destruct [ see Pluto transits ]
2. OAKLAND [ 90-72 ] much improved , just about as good as Texas
3. CALIFORNIA [ 75-87 ] stagnating, past their window of opportunity but could be competitive
4. SEATTLE [ 73-89] another awful team finally getting better perhaps. Will far exceed last years 61 wins.
1. PHILADELPHIA [ 99-63 ] Perhaps best starting rotation ever. Will be very good this year , will be awesome in 2012
2. ATLANTA [ 98-64 ] great young pitchers and hitters . could make playoff's this year will be great in 2012
3. FLORIDA [ 87-75 ] lots of young players , getting better just in a tough division. will be better than expected and will play great late in the season but will be too far out.
4. NY METS [ 75-87 ] saddled by bad salary cap decisions [ see Saturn] this year. will be better next year
5. WASHINGTON [ 69-93 ] nothing happening here. Should be better next year when star rookie pitcher is back from injury.
1. CINCINNATI [94-68 ] good transits from Jupiter this year , even better next year.
2. MILWAUKEE [ 90-72 ] on the upswing , still have some monkeys to get off of their back.
3. ST. LOUIS [ 86-76 ] slight downturn , still competitive and dangerous team ..but not scary anymore.
4.CHICAGO CUBS [ 81-81 ] Oh Pluto , Pluto , Pluto ..change , transformation , rebirth . Needs to rebuild team and find direction. Will be good at times , need an identity.
5.HOUSTON [ 77-85 ] good young players but a lot of holes to fill too. Will be fun part of the season.
6.PITTSBURGH [ 72-90 ] Good young players if they don't trade them all at the trading deadline. Next year better, could actually break longest pro sports streak for losing seasons in a row in 2012.
1.COLORADO [ 93 -69 ] on the upswing,good young players, nice transits, what's not to like here, will eb neck and neck with Giants all the way.
2.S.F. GIANTS [ 92-70 ] defending champs , still strong and has great pitching. NL West will be close.
3. SAN DIEGO [ 82-80 ] will still be competitive but will falter late like last year.
4. L.A. DODGERS [ 81-81] starts strong , tails off late
5. ARIZONA [ 60- 102 ] bad ..just plain bad
and Playoff Predictions:
Philadelphia defeats Colorado 4-2
Atlanta defeats Cincinnati 4-3
Philadelphia defeats Atlanta 4-3
White Sox defeat Yankees 4-2
Red Sox defeat Texas 4-3
White Sox defeat Red Sox 4-2
the rewards of building your franchise the proper way and spending your money wisely. Saturn appreciates that approach and is more likely to reward you . Did you spend $36 million on a player who's missed 199 of the last 200 games with injuries? Did you just try to build a team by bringing in a bunch of over priced , overrated , underachievers who are routinely arrested or suspended ? then guess what ..Saturn no likey. You will be forced to deal with the limitations [ Saturn ] that you have set for yourself by trying to take short cuts. This could make for a long , painful season of lesson learning [ Saturn again ]. with projected records in [] :