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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Venus Retrograde


One of the questions i hear a lot regarding Astrology is what does it mean when a planet goes Retrograde. All of the planets [ not counting the Sun and Moon which are technically called luminaries] go retrograde [ or in reverse or backwards] at least once a year except for Venus .

They don't actually start traveling backwards it's just that their speed slows down and they are then traveling slower than the speed of the Earth so they appear to be going backwards.
Normally the effect of a planet going retrograde is that it does not function normally , it's energy is turned inwards and is asking for more introspection or self analysis in the areas the specific planet rules and the house that it is in in your Birth chart . Sometimes this can lead to things being more calm outwardly while the inner functions are harder at work. This can lead to unusual displays of the normal, planetary energy or periods of intense retrospection during the retrograde period. The days to be most aware of are the days when planets make " stations" those are the exact times or the exact days when the planets slow down to start the retrograde cycle or start speeding up when they begin to go direct. Either way when those planets are changing speeds that's when their energy is felt the most and the most focused . Imagine when you have an oscillating fan that goes back and fourth vs. when you have it pointing directly on you . The effect from the fan is felt most when it is stopped in a certain place as opposed to when it's energy is going back and fourth .

On the days when planets make stations you can have extreme results and actions. Watch the news on the day the next time Pluto or Mars or Uranus is turning direct , there will be plenty to talk about as that planet will have center stage that day and for up to a week on either side.
I bring this up because the planet Venus which only goes retrograde once every 18-24 months is retrograde from October 5th through November 18th. Normally a Venus retrograde period will bring people from the past back into your life or bring up unfinished relationship issues that you thought were buried ..usual Venus business but always an interesting time because it's similar to being in a time warp with all of the visits from the past that you may get .

The other thing that is playing into all this Scorpio energy is that the planet Mars is also in Scorpio and will be traveling very close to Venus for a lot of this Retrograde period. Mars is the forefront of our instinctual desires and also requires a certain amount of freedom or independence to follow certain desires to evolve [ Mars is the lower octave of Pluto which rules Evolution]. Venus conjunct Mars can lead to frustration[ Mars] or arguing [ Mars] with the things we love [ Venus] or the things we need to sustain ourselves [ Venus] . On the good side , Mars can give us that extra energy and determination we need to deal with certain issues.
This Venus in Retrograde transit has been unusually tense from the feedback i have been getting. Scorpio has to do with resources, and specifically other people's resources . One of Scorpio's sore spots is jealousy or resentment. If there are things in any of your relationships [ Job, Home,school etc.] where you are feeling resentment or that you don't have much control of your own destiny ? Is there someone you have to deal with that you feel isn't pulling their weight ? Any things that have been eating at you are likely to come up at this time.
Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and that has to do with Evolution. Now is the time to deal with lingering fears or problems that come up over and over again that you can't seem to fix.

There are two kinds of Evolution , the most common is slow and gradual where we change a small amount over a long length of time . The other kind of Evolution is cataclysmic where we change [ or are forced to change] a great amount in a small period of time. I would argue that this is one of these times. We saw what happened with the recent Political Elections where there was wholesale change and whether or not we agree with where blame was put it is still a good example of what is going on with many people individually .. frustration with the same issues that never seem to get solved.

The way to deal with this energy , which can be very frustrating [Mars conjunction ] , is to try and look at existing or ongoing issues we have been having with new eyes or trying a different approach to things. It is easy to lose patience when the same problems come up time and again but there are certain windows of opportunity where we get those flashes of brilliance where we can make great headway with seemingly insurmountable problems. Remember , the definition of insanity is trying the same approach over and over again and expecting different results.
So that is your task , between now November 18th when Venus goes direct again and Mars has moved on, try a different approach to those irritating situations and you may make up more ground in a short time than you expected.

WBNS 10TV Astrology chart


One of the things that seems to surprise people the most in Astrology is that aside from the obvious use of casting a Birth chart for a person you can get an accurate Birth chart as well for a corporation, a Business , a marriage, a sports team , anything that you can get an accurate time, date and place of birth. A chart for a business or sports team or an event works the same as a chart for a person , you look at the current transits , see what changes or what energies lie ahead and then do a little research to see how these may play out in the chart of the entity .
Casting a chart for a business entity can cast a great deal of light on how they operate, what their function is and how they relate to the public. WBNS 10TV in Columbus was kind enough to come out to MYSTIC NIRVANA so i thought it would be interesting to take a look at their chart and see how it operates.
Channel 10 began with a test signal on September 15th 1949 and their first program that aired was game 1 of the 1949 World Series with the New York Yankees defeating the Brooklyn Dodgers 1-0. The game was actually played in the afternoon but as live sporting events were rare [ there was not a nationally televised sporting event until 1951 ] and there was not a regularly scheduled World Series night game until 1971 research would seem to indicate that the game was most likely shown on tape delay and shown during prime time as there was not 24 hour a day broadcasting as there is now. I have set this chart up as 7:00 P.M. EST , October 5th 1949 for Columbus,Ohio.
A couple of the most important things you'll want to look at in the chart of a broadcasting company would be the Sun [ personality], Mercury [ communications],Venus [ relationships] and being it is on air 24/7 the 6th house which rules daily activities .
The first thing that pops out going through the houses is Uranus sitting in the third house in the sign of Cancer.Uranus rules technology , the third house is communication , Cancer rules home life . They use technology to communicate to people in their homes.
Mars conjunct Pluto in the 5th in Leo.Mars is very instinctual and independent energy and Pluto is how we evolve. Tv stations must continually eveolve to keep up with the latest trends like HDTV,Surround sound. the newest weather radar and the such to continually keep ahead of the competition.
Saturn in Virgo in the 5th. Saturn rules structure, Virgo is Discernment as well as communication being it is ruled by Mercury. The fifth house is energy and excitement and creativity , all parts of Television . For reference purposes acting is ruled by the 5 th house [ Drama , ego, performing ,creativity] and the 12th house [ illusion , dreams ]. The 5 th house is rules by Leo and the Sun and the 12 th House is ruled by Pisces and Neptune.
Sun, Mercury, Neptune and the South Node in 6th house in Libra. Libra is all about forming relationships , the 6th house is about daily activities and , as we said before , Hollywood , Television and acting are ruled by The Sun and Neptune.
Jupiter in Capricorn in the 10th house in Capricorn. Jupiter in the 10th house is someone seen as a leader . Jupiter rules the masses and good fortune and the 10 th house rules Career and status and Channel 10 is usually at the top of the local News and TV ratings.

Until next time...

2010 NFL preview with Astrology

Sunday, September 12, 2010

NFL Astrological Preview

One of the many things i love about Astrology is that it can be applied to anything that you can get a starting time and place for to create a birth chart . I worked as a sports Statistician for many years and always enjoyed numbers. As a Statistician one of my jobs was to notice trends , tendencies , anomalies and other things going on during the flow of that particular sporting event or season or Teams history. Later on down the road i noticed how much this was similar to Astrology , studying the cycles and trends and the little moments that a games momentum swings upon. This appeared to be an area ripe with Astrological knowledge. And what made it even better is that a Pluto transit or Neptune transit can last years or over a decade even. Then,and sometimes Only AFTER the fact can you parlay what knowledge was gained from the Pluto transit and how you grew as a person afterwards and how much smarter you are know, you know how that is.

One of the best things about sports and Astrology is that you can set up a chart [ most major sports have their game times posted for all to see] and in 3 hours normally you can see the end result . And there is no trauma [ unless it's the playoffs ] , no hours of therapy , no gray areas or wondering what really happened or what part of the story don't you know. After 3 hours it's Team A- 17 Team B -14 ...PERIOD! You don't have to wonder how Team A felt about it emotionally , or how long it would take them to recover or how much self - analysis it would need... it was Team A winning 17-14 ...period.

I understand that emotions are important , as is introspection , and the inner journey, but sometimes it's nice to just have a black and white answer that you can look at from an analytical point of view and notice the trends [ or statistics if you will Mars @24 Aries square Venus @ 24 Cancer is a statistic isn't it? .. a tendency? everything being relative ].And it is also fun to find the chart of your favorite team and find why they chocked 6 years in a row in the playoffs in the 70's, were they having a Pluto transit at the time ? Saturn return maybe ? How about Mars in their 12th and they just couldn't get their ...uhmmm..."strategy" together ? So i thought it would be fun to use Astrology But first, a few rules for the Astrology buffs as to how it works with sports as it is a bit different with sports teams [ particularly football] vs. a Natal chart for a person [ the rest of you may read quietly to yourselves] .

In most sports [ Baseball seems to be the exception] Squares can often be good. In sports ..Saturn transits can be good [ yeah right !], a Pluto transit can be an uplifting experience, an as with a transit from Uranus ...chaos can be great! Now that we've thrown the traditional Astrology boogieman out the door ,here's why these things are different. Normally we don't want chaos , or aggression or power struggles but in the chart of a sports team want to be aggressive , you want intensity like a bit of anger and dare i say it a little trickiness or mean spiritedness.

Saturn transits can be miserable if you're a free spirited soul who loves shopping or being care free aand throwing caution to the wind,but, if you're a sports team with a lot of talent and all your missing is a little discipline or some structure to the organization [ GM, scouts,head coach] then a goo dSaturn transit may be all that you need. Every year there a re a couple of teams that surprise everyone that are not supposed to be good. They are undoubtedly having a transit from Uranus or Pluto making a big aspect to their chart and reversing their fortunes. To totally you screw you up now ..trines may not always be good, you don't want any laziness if you're playing on a sports team , best to have extra energy and a little edginess or hunger than to be resting on your laurels of what you did last season.Of course the trine by Jupiter to your Midheaven could lead to some fortunate bounces at the correct time.

There are other differences as well when looking at the charts of sports teams or game charts such as the aspect degree orbs are more like 2-3 degrees instead of 10 to still be active.Also there are arguments as to what date of birth to use for a team ,date team was granted a franchise, date of first game or date when team moved to new city but the research i have seen and done suggests date of the first game and possibly their progressed chart as well are the best to use. I also think the sun is not as powerful in the chart of sports teams when you're trying to pick the winner of a contest becasue MOST franchises will have a similar day of birth as the other teams in their sport [i.e. NFL in September, NBA in October ,MLB in April yada yada ].

Anyhoo , endless, blathering, minutia aside...i have made some predictions for the upcoming NFL season ,i did not look too extensively at the players of charts as that would take far more time than i have but i did note a few players and i looked at the charts of all 32 teams. I will also be posting some blogs looking at the individual charts of certain games as the season goes along. Please ,if i have predicted your team to suck and they win their first game at least wait until after week 3 to send me nasty emails, these predictions are for the season not for one week.

This is already far lengthier than i expected so here it goes [ also, please do not gamble based on my predictions, that's illegal, shame on you for even thinking of it !].

Okay the first thing i did is divide teams up by the tranists to their chat.
These teams are on the upswing right now according to their charts
Green Bay
San Franciso
New York Giants
Detroit Lions
Cleveland Browns
Cincinatti Bengals
St. Louis Rams

These teams are on a downswing

Tampa Bay

These teams are turning the corner and next year should be very good


2 years away from an upswing

Kansas City

These teams don't appear to have major things happening so should remain similar to the last couple seasons or remain status quo

New Orleans
New York Jets
New England
San Diego

These teams should remain as they have been but are beginning a downturn next season


These teams should still be good but their maximum window of opportunity has passed


So here are my Astrological predictions record wise

1.DALLAS 11-5
3.N.Y. GIANTS 10-6

1.GREEN BAY 12-4
4.DETROIT 6-10

4.TAMPA BAY 2-14

2.ST. LOUIS 6-10
3.SEATTLE 4-12
4. ARIZONA 4-12

1.N.Y. JETS 11-5
3.MIAMI 8-8
4.BUFFALO 3-13



1. SAN DIEGO 10-6
2. OAKLAND 7-9
3.DENVER 6-10

1.GREEN BAY 12-4
3.DALLAS 11-5
5.N.Y. GIANTS 10-6

3.N.Y. JETS 11-5
4.SAN DIEGO 10-6





Moon signs and work

There are many area's in life where Astrology can help give us a little advantage or an " emotional weather " forecast if you will and being that we all spend so much of our waking time at work here is a short guide to the moon signs and what we can expect at work on those days . I will once again start off the the disclaimer that when there's a t-square or a Grand Square or an outer planet makes a station that overrides sop [ standard operating procedure]. If Pluto or Mars is going stationary direct there's going to be anger and intensity regardless of how many other planets are in Libra or Gemini or Pisces.
So here's your little cheat sheet for when you're trying to figure a good day to take off work or when there's a good day to avoid a meeting or when to hide under your desk.

Moon in Aries- Everyone is impatient, independent and willing to fight for their opinion. Not the day to schedule a long meeting as everyone will be antsy and mentally vibrant . This is a great time to start new projects .This is one of the days where everyone may actually show up early or on time for work...if they're not caught in a traffic jam because someone's impatience caught up with them. Not a good time for finishing projects,Cardinal signs like to initiate. Many more people than normal will have headaches [Aries rules this head .. and this one is always accurate].
Moon in Taurus- Slow and plodding Taurus is a good sign to work on those long term projects that requires a lot of patience or tasks that require sitting for long periods of time [ or being lazy]. Taurus is friendly and easy going but it can be a hard time to make compromises and the fixed stubborness of the Bull does not give easily .
Moon in Gemini- Great time for socializing, brainstorming, making sales contacts , communicating with customers, exchanging ideas or travel and running errands. Bad day to be sitting by yourself at a desk in a corner.
Moon in Cancer- This is the day when everyone will bring food into the office. The moon is in Cancer [ which rules the stomach] and everyone will want to eat and the people with lots of Cancer in their chart will want to cook and or feed everyone. People may be late today because they want to stay at home in bed..okay..stay at home in bed more than normal.
Moon in Leo- People will be exuberant and passionate and exude lots of personality [ too much in some people's case]. The Leo moon will lead many to feel courageous and outgoing but can also result in hurt feelings or prideful reactions if things don't go someone's way.
Moon in Virgo- The absolute best time to work on detail orientated projects, or fix big or long term problems. Also a good time to clean , organize files or work on compliance issues [I've decided all on my own that Regulatory Compliance is ruled by Virgo [ anal retention] /Scorpio [ obsession / stalking= obsessive compulsive behavior]. Not,i repeat NOT... a good time to give performance reviews or to break bad news to somebody.
Moon in Libra- A good time to work in groups, beautify your environment, exchange ideas, social network,team build or train. A word of warning ....meetings scheduled today may be very long.
Moon in Scorpio-Intensity, secret meetings, conspiracy and all the other good Scorpio stuff is here on these days. A great time to delve into mysteries or meet a deadline or do something that requires lots of research.
Moon in Sagittarius- Today is big picture , philosophical , take a gamble day. People will also drone on incessantly. Good day for making plans and coming up with ideas but people will be a bit tactless but will be more likely to tell the truth. If you have to be honest with a co-worker today's probably a good day.
Moon in Capricorn- Serious, stern, disciplined ...sounds fun doesn't it ? Well this is a great time to get a lot done and try to promote yourself up the ladder and tackle projects that require discipline and patience [ recurring Earth sign theme eh ?]. Not a day for Emotional ballyhooing around, just strictly business. Not a good day to be playing on Face book or reading your favorite blog [ oops, except this one of course] as authority figures are nearby looking to squelch fun when the Moon is in Capricorn.
Moon in Aquarius-Expect plans to change , sudden or shocking developments or rebellion in the air. Things will not as normally scheduled today, be prepared to think quickly . Today can be very fun too if you need a change of routine this day could be a welcome break.
Moon in Pisces- huh ...what was the question ?
Moon in Pisces- When the Moon is in Pisces everyone will be very sleepy and dreamy and wondering what their lives would have been like if they weren't stuck in this office. people will also be very sympathetic and understanding but they may need someone to vent to as well.

One last thing, since computers are such a huge part of the modern work situation now i wanted to mention that Uranus rules technology and everyone has those days when none of your technology is working correctly. This is almost always when the Moon is in one of the signs squaring Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus . This one rarely fails. Once in awhile when the Moon is in Leo you will get this result also but when the Moon is i Taurus or Scorpio just expect your stuff not to work very well. Just as a test's the next time the Moon is in these signs.
Good luck!

The obligatory Mercury in Retrograde blog

There are many Astrology phrases or terms that have made it into the mainstream consciousness and certainly one of the most recognized phrases is the dreaded Mercury retrograde [ gasp!]. Normally four times a year the planet Mercury will go Retrograde [ become inwardly focused] for about 3 weeks and communication and technology will go haywire yada yada . I'm not trying to trivialize the effects of Mercury Retrograde because it does in fact cause chaos, however,i did figure that maybe some practical , common sense Astrological tips may be in order to help us navigate these tricky times.

As we CLEARLY [ that's how you deal with Mercury being very clear] stated before Mercury rules Communication as well as short range travel and is sub-ruler [ to Uranus] of Technology . So perhaps , as they say [ whoever THEY is] , an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure. So i guess in the new tradition of the non-traditional Mercury retrograde Blog [ which i just started] is a short list of dont's for Mercury retro periods.

1. Do NOT expect communication to work as normal. Don't call your friend and leave a vague message about meeting " somewhere later on" and hope to have a chance of running into them.BE SPECIFIC! "I will meet you outside of the crackhouse at 2:13 a.m. " This is the only way to catch up with your friend later at the crackhouse.

2. Do NOT leave voice mails and expect the answering machine, or voice mail service, or electronic devices to work properly.You must leave repeated messages or hunt someone down to make sure your message found it's destination [ check local stalking laws before engaging in this ]. Electronics work very sporadically during Mercury retro... usually just long enough to get you lulled into a false sense of security.

3. Do NOT drive through strange places you've never been and hope that your GPS will save you from getting lost or get you out of a tight jam if you have a bad sense of direction to start with. If you're in a really rough part of town your GPS is just as scared as you are! [ You can insulate yourself against this scenario by printing a set of directions so that you have a hard copy for when your GPS stops working....but it is unlikely that your printer will be functioning during a Mercury Retrograde so perhaps you could write out the directions on a napkin or scratch them on a rock that you can also use to defend yourself. Things with more than 1 function can be good during a Mercury Retrograde period]

4.Do NOT expect your pc to save the document you've been typing for 2 hours before it blue screens and crashes .

Well there's a few tips to help you survive the Mercury retrograde cycle that happens 4 times a year. Good luck....assuming you even get this !

Why Evolutionary Astrology

Why Evolutionary Astrology

There are many different kinds of Astrology and everyone has their favorite- whether it be Vedic, Mundane or Eastern and they all have theirmerits. Studying different kinds of Astrology can be beneficial because you see different view points and different theories that canlead you to the same end result. My personal weapon of choiceif you will is Evolutionary Astrology, which I will heretofore referto as EA in a nonsensical and completely random order.
The theory is this....the Sun and Moon are obviously very important as they relate to the core personality and the ego and emotions. Thatbeing said, while the inner luminaries play a big part of ourpersonal lives their transits can be so fleeting at times, they canbe here and gone before we realize it. We are also members ofsocieties, cultures, Activist groups and part of something bigger than ourselves. Pluto correlates to the soul in EA and it alsorepresents generations [albeit there is much argument as to wherethey start and end]. The transit of Pluto through a sign can take 15years or longer compared to 30 days for the Sun and sixty hours forthe Moon. The sheer longevity and complete transformation of a Pluto transit will last through many trips of the Sun through your chartand dozens of ventures by the Moon through the same.
Whenputting together a puzzle one starts to build it by putting the outerpieces of the puzzle together so that you then have a frameworkthrough which the smaller pieces can then fit in a logical manor. I have found it easier that way with Astrology as well. When you putPluto [the soul] in a persons chart and can measure it's growth and journey through various incarnations - the inner pieces of the puzzle[inner planets] are able to tell their story in a more efficient way.It's like reading a whole book versus just a couple pages in themiddle.

If you put Pluto [soul] in context with the future [North Node] and past Karma [South Node] being worked on in this lifetime one is able to get a deeper grasp of WHY [ 8th house / Scorpio] someone may have their Sun in the Fifth house. It can also give you a story of WHY someone may have four planets conjunct their South Node. Not justwhere is someone's planets but WHY they are there, what pastexperiences led them to this point and what roads they may betraveling from here on out.

A person with four planets conjunct their North Node will be trying toforcibly break away from past conditioning or life experiences. Aperson with planets square their Nodal Axis will be trying to recover"skipped steps" or things they tried to not deal with in previouslives. Pluto conjunct the Moon will signify someone wanting to feelthe most intensity and depth of emotions. The reason for all of these is to evolve and that's what the focus of EA is. How and WHY do weevolve and make the choices we do.

Planets are at a certain point in an individuals current birth chart tofacilitate Evolutionary growth and to further encompass the totalityof existence. EA has things in common with the other forms of Astrology and borrows much from the other forms Karmic Astrology butwhat I love the most about it is that it explains ..well... itexplains WHY.

Astrology and traffic patterns

Astrology and trafic patterns

When one first starts getting into Astrology one continually contemplates what all Astrology can be applied to. Everyone I've talked to goes through this thing with Astrology that after you get the basics down you start trying to apply it to all matter of things from everyday errands [which moon sign is the best to go to the grocery store during?] to the the completely bizarre [what was the birthday of the Serial killer? ..or the 1 person who survived the plane crash?]. Anyways, one travels through many strange scenarios seeing where you can save a minute here or there or make something go smoother using Astrology. Sometimes things pop right out at you that work and sometimes you just end up flustered that you haven't figured out the correct pattern to apply.
So according to many studies, most people spend days and days of their lives sitting in their cars or stuck in traffic. So I figured that since you normally have a lot of free time while waiting for the other cars to move [at least we did, before texting] I figured I would make some mental notes and see what I could come up with as far correlations between Astrology [mostly Moon signs] and traffic patterns. I've found this in my experience to be pretty spot on most of the time [certainly more accurate than Weather reports]. So here's my Astrology traffic report by sign. But first a brief disclaimer ..any kind of massive event [a Pluto station, Grand Square involving Uranus, Mars making a station or any unusual chaotic event] is of course going to overrule whatever sign the moon is in. If there's an earthquake ... then EVERYONE'S sitting in the traffic regardless of what sign the damn Moon is in.
Aries - everyone is impatient and hot headed , keep an extra eye open. Traffic should move quickly but keep an eye on the lead foots.
Taurus - Taurus is a fixed sign, slow, stubborn and plodding. Don't expect to be getting anywhere early today ..if you're not feeling too lazy to even get out of bed.
Gemini - Lightning quick, mentally alert, muteable. Getting around town to do errands should be a breeze on these days, the master of communication is good at quick trips thinking on their feet, you should be a couple minutes early these days .
Cancer - You may be more likely to stay at home, but everyone on the road should be defensive and safety minded so you may not make record speed but at least there shouldn't be as many accidents to slow you down.
Leo - everyone will be wanting to show off their excellent driving skills [snicker]!! So give everyone their room and be careful because Leo is a fixed sign and fixed can often mean traffic jams.
Virgo - Ultra clear thinking Virgo can not normally be held back by mortal things like traffic with it's Merucurian rulership and Muteable nature, but alas remember, Virgo is also the sign of crisis or something needing to be fixed. So most of these days you'll get there very efficiently but once in a while expect some issues that need quick fixes to arrive at your destination on time.
Libra - Libra loves people, and company and you will probably have plenty of it. You will move in harmony with others and traffic will flow together.
Scorpio - Scorpio is fixed, intense energy so expect delays. You may run into quagmires.
Sagittarius - People will most likely be speeding and a bit daring and overly optimistic.
Capricorn - Capricorn is ruled by Saturn [the planet , not the car] and Saturn teaches us patience ..there you go. Watch out for extra police.
Aquarius - Aquarius is about shock and surprises and unexpected events. You will either be very early, very late or have to change your route. Just expect something different or to have to change your route perhaps.
Pisces - Pisces is fuzzy and dreamy and everyone will be in la-la land. Wacth out for other drivers on the road as they may be daydreaming and not paying attention to the road.
That's your Astrological traffic report, drive safely..and stop texting so much for god's sake!

Void of course Moon

Void of course

Many people buy the daily Astrology guides or yearly Astrology calendars that are available out there and some are very good . One of the things that comes up frequently is the void of course moon, what it means and how to deal with it. First of all a brief explanation is probably needed for anyone not familiar with the term or needing clarification. The moon takes roughly 2 1/2 days to go through a sign of the zodiac or 1 degree every 2 hours, if you will. The moon will normally make several aspects to other planets during it's 60 hour stay in a sign. From the time the Moon makes it's last EXACT aspect to another planet, until the time the Moon enters the next sign of the Zodiac, is a "dead" period called "void of course" where the effects of the Moon are lessened and there's a feeling of little or no emotion. There are, however, the few occasions where the moon will have an exact aspect in the late degrees of a sign and there will be a very short or no void period before it moves into the next sign.
This has historically been seen as a poor time to do anything such as sign contracts, open a business, get married, etc. - anything that you would want an energy behind or an extra push to get started. On the flip side, this could also be seen as a good time to do things that you don't want to come to fruition - signing a contract that you're not thrilled about, visiting the in-laws, dentist or doctor appointments where you maybe don't want to be at the maximum of your "feeling" potential if you will, or maybe even applying for a job that you don't really want. If it's something you feel forced into doing or is mandatory you may want to "sabotage" things a bit to make sure you have to go through them as infrequently as possible.
Aside from WHAT the void of course Moon is, perhaps a more interesting point is WHY is it and what is it's purpose? Essentially the void of course moon is to give us a little respite from the emotional intensity of everyday life. Sometimes we just need an emotional break - kind of like when you do a hard reboot of your computer by pulling the plug out. You can then process things that have been building up or overwhelming you, or just allow your body and mind to actually relax and just exist for a few minutes. Now of course the void of course moon period can be difficult when there are things that Have to be done such as an important meeting at work or someone else has scheduled a social event or something where you have to psyche yourself up to be at your best or most alert. At this time you may need the extra cup of Java or Kava or red Bull, whichever your best coach is, to get you motivated. But barring emergencies the voc periods are to let us detox from our normal emotional selves and get ready for the energies of the next sign.
This whole thing does however bring one other question to mind. If the moon goes void every few days then there must be people who are boon with a void of course moon in their birth chart. This is certainly true. At this point I would believe that this in a birth chart would be representative of a soul who has had many intensely emotional incarnations previous to this one and needs a time out from the emotional turbulence to work on other areas of their evolution. Sometimes the soul of an individual will need to narrow it's evolutionary intent in a particular lifetime to a focus on a few core objectives and not be thrown off balance by emotional turbulence.